Animal Lovers Pet Salon - Specializing in the art of dog and cat grooming since 1997
  $20 nail trim special


    We understand  how hard it is to find a dog or cat groomer you like and trust- a place that is a good fit  for you and your pet; a salon that listens to your requests and caters to your pet's individual grooming needs.
    Our grooming staff consists of dedicated animal lovers with over 40 years combined experience in the art of pet grooming and styling. We provide each of our four-legged friends a comfortable, low-stress, personal and professional grooming experience that "super stores"
are unable to provide.  We focus on giving our clients consistent, quality service and our knowledge of your pet's grooming and hygenic requirements. We work with any fears or behavioral challenges that your pet may display when visiting the groomer, and make it a positive experience.

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 2232 N. CLYBOURN AVE.(at the intersection of Greenview & Clybourn half a block north of Webster)
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